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K-Demoday China@Alibaba in Hángzhōu, China

October 11th, 2017 – Hángzhōu, China – K-Demoday China@Alibaba final event included pitching sessions for about 20 excellent startups. NORMA presented for its own Wi-Fi and IoT security technologies and identity. Finally, NORMA was selected for TOP 10 startup and became an incubating company of Alibaba Cloud!  

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“NORMA won 2nd place in TechCrunch Shanghai 2017” [Electronic Times]

NORMA won 2nd place in TechCrunch Shanghai 2017. TechCrunch is the worldwide entrepreneurial competition hosted every year by IT professional media TechCrunch. This is a large-scale event involving local well-known venture capital (VC), accelerator, and start-up companies. NORMA receives a 500,000 Yuan convertible bond from GOBI PARTNERS as a TechCrunch…

NORMA Showed Demo for Emphasizing Seriousness of IoT Hacking in Nocutnews

IoT device security including home CCTV is emerging as a social problem. NORMA demonstrated that IoT devices can be hacked within a short time, and emphasized the need for clear wireless network security measures in future IoT security.   [The Article of Nocutnews] 사생활이 사라진다…IP카메라·웹캠에 블랙박스까지 해킹 2017-10-13 16:57 CBS노컷뉴스…

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NORMA’s Wireless Network &
IoT Security Know-How

Wireless Network Security Solution AtEar

AtEar is a wireless network integrated analysis solution that observes easily and systematically strengthening wireless security regulations
It makes you manage safely your company’s wireless network through automatic wireless vulnerability analysis and inspection technologies.
With mobile version solution and cloud, practice easily wireless security.

IoT Care, New Concept Security Service of IoT Era

Although it is Internet of Things era that all devices around us are connected to network now, IoT security problem is getting to be serious.
It is not for just minority’s issue anymore that about 500 thousands of IoT botnets infected by Mirai code attack.
Security should be practiced by all areas that wireless network environments are constructed and IoT devices are utilized. In other words, we have to practice in every fields like home, café, and small companies.
NORMA provides universal and new IoT security service for IoT era.

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