MoVi us enbedded Secure Wi-Fi Module
and it protects people around the world
from wireless threats.
AtEar, a movable wireless security solution,
protects enterprise network system.
It has transformed the paradigm of wireless security.
IoTCare a new concept of security vaccine
allows you to use all the connected IoT devices
safer and smarter.

IoT Security Status

Technical Issue

Summary of WPA2 KRACK vulnerabilities

  Overview According to security researcher Mathy Vanhoef of Leuvern University, the “WPA2 Key Reinstallation Vulnerabilities (KRACK) Explained” vulnerability can render WPA2’s powerful encryption function obsolete. As a sort of Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack, the KRACK vulnerability can intercept encrypted data between an AP and a station without having to access the AP. It allows theft…

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Featured Event

K-Demoday China@Alibaba in Hángzhōu, China

October 11th, 2017 – Hángzhōu, China – K-Demoday China@Alibaba final event included pitching sessions for about 20 excellent startups. NORMA presented for its own Wi-Fi and IoT security technologies and identity. Finally, NORMA was selected for TOP 10 startup and became an incubating company of Alibaba Cloud!  

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“NORMA Attracted 3 Million Dollars in Investment” [IT WORLD]

NORMA, a specialist in wireless network security solutions, has attracted a total of 3 million dollars in investment from Korea Technology Finance Corporation, SBI Investments, and Korea Investment Partners. NORMA was founded in 2011 and has successfully attracted investment based on its proven technology through more than 50 references, including…

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Wireless Network & IoT Security Technology of NORMA

AtEar, Wireless Network Security Solution

AtEar is a wireless network integrated analysis solution that observes easily and systematically strengthening wireless security regulations
It makes you manage safely your company’s wireless network through automatic wireless vulnerability analysis and inspection technologies.
With mobile version solution and cloud, practice easily wireless security.

IoTCare, a New Concept of IoT Security Vaccine

The age of Internet of Things (IoT) has arrived and all devices around us are connected to the network.
However, IoT security issues are becoming more serious.
Attacks from 500 thounsands IoT botnets infected by Mirai code are no longer minor problems.
We need to actively practice security from the home users to all areas where wireless internet environment is established and IoT devices are utilized.
NORMA provides a new concept of IoT security vaccine that can be universally applied in the age of IoT.

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