NORMA Inc. is pioneering
wireless security and IoT security fields.

History of NORMA


12 Supply Wireless Forensic Product to Sri Lanka KOICA
11 Supply Wireless Vulnerability Inspecting SW to Ministry of National Defense
08 Attraction of Strategic Investment from Metanet
Supply ‘AtEar’ to Ministry of National Defense


12 Supply ‘AtEar’ to Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power
09 Won a Contract of “Improvement of Mobile Vaccine“ in Small and Medium Business Administration
07 Won a Contract of Development Work “CCTV Complement Sensor“ in Small and Medium Business Administration
Won a Contract of “Improvement of Malicious APP Analysis System Function” in KISA


11 Supplied Wireless Vulnerability Diagnosis Solution to National Police Agency
07 Supplied Wireless Vulnerability Check Solution to Korea Rail Network Authority for the business of information security system strengthening
04 Developed “BYOD Environment Access Control System” in KISA
03 Obtained Certification of ISO 9001


10 Developed “Big-Fi” Project with Samsung Electronics


12 Developed “Mobile Intrusion Prevention System for Safe Cloud Environment Based on Smart Devices”
11 Conclusion of a Contract for Development Cooporation of the 2nd Korean WIPS and Providing “Black List & White List of Domestic AP”


12 Developed “Black List & White List of Domestic AP”
Developed Wireless Network Vulnerability Diagnosis Solution
10 Establishment of Security Software Specialized Company, NORMA
Developed Wi-Fi (Wireless Network) Security Solution”


NORMA does its best to provide security solution to protect everyone’s network.
From professional wireless network, IoT to endpoint security, NORMA is leading the whole network security.

Core Value

Security Technology R&D
  • Researching the latest technologies of wireless network, IoT, and endpoint
  • Cooperation with WIPS, vaccine, and global IT companies
Planning New Services
  • Planning new services to enhance market competitiveness
  • Planning universal security service in various network environment
Leading Global Security Markets
  • Providing globally applicable technologies and services
  • Cooperation with outstanding global companies & institutions
  • Supply services through global telecommunication companies


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5th floor, 63, Ttukseom-ro 1-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

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Bus : Take bus number 2016, 2224 and off at exit 4 of Ttukseom station,
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Fax : +82 2 6455 1985

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