More IoT hacking damages are reported in these days.
Usually it started from malicious code infection of wireless router

Importance of IoT Security

In 2002, Gartner stated that if 26 billion devices are connected through the IoT, it could create $1.9 trillion in global economic value.
However, if only one IoT device or platform is vulnerable to attack, it could have a negative effect on hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of other devices or platforms.

NORMA IoT Security Check Service

NORMA conducts Internet security consulting services that are customized to
customer details such as field, device, and communication environment.
We also provide suggestions for security checks and methodologies from the perspective of IoT infrastructure and devices.

IoT Infrastructure Security

Configure the optimized environment for IoT devices, select the test bed inspection tools to be used, and implement them based on the security guide.
Provide the best on-site inspection services by deriving check details for each item that constitutes the IoT infrastructure environment and selecting the optimal inspection tools.

IoT Device Security

Collect IoT information about past and current vulnerabilities, application protocol, services and features, as well as the strong points of IoT devices introduced in various fields.
Then, combine these with the IoT security test bed and an additional test environment to systematically check IoT weaknesses.

IoT Inspection Methodology

In the drafting stage, NORMA’s IoT inspection manual reflects the analysis of domestic and overseas cases of IoT inspection and testing, as well as items identified through the existing vulnerability guide related to IoT.
Following this, the final version of the IoT inspection manual is produced based on actual issues.

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