Security threats in the age of IoT are directly connected with everyday routine, assets, and life.
They can cause DDoS and other network security incidents, various crimes at home (such as IP camera hacking),
and even hack medical devices and threaten lives.
IoTCare is a new concept of IoT vaccine taking care of
IoT security in various smart industries using IoT devices
that security modules are mounted.

Connected Car

Secure wireless communication area such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. in ECU and IVI part
by black box form mounted on the car


Offer reliable healthcare services through prevention of health data leakage
and manipulation by mounting wearable devices

Smart Building

Mounted as an AP module that can be installed in a smart building
to enhance the security of home and business IoT

Smart Communication

Mounted on mobile communication devices to monitor and manage the status
of IoT security anywhere

IoTCare for Smart Home Security

IoTCare can be applied to all IoT devices in the form of software.
We will provide safety services by mounting security module
from IoT device manufacturing,operation to post management.

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