Mobile vitamin

Secure Wi-Fi

“I want to use Wi-Fi safely”

Unknown users can access to your network and take your information at anytime.
When a hacker attacks you while using wireless network, MoVi detects ARP Spoofing or DNS and protects you by alarming and blocking the network.

Device Scan

“Let’s verify all the devices connected
to my router”

It also enables you to see information of all the devices connected and with this information,
you can respond to threats rapidly and proactively.


“I want to feel secured
when I open messages including URL”

You may be the target of smishing
(SMS phising). MoVi’s smishing function allows you to see a screenshot of a URL before you click it.

Google Play Store

Scan Device

Memory Cleanup

Wi-Fi Security

Smishing Attempt Detection

ARP Spoofing Detection & Blocking

DNS Spoofing Detection & Blocking

Detect Wi-Fi Roaming

Detect ARP Poisoning Attack


Malignant APP Detecting & Blocking

Smartphone Rooting Detection

Block Camera Function

Deletion of Screenshots and Photo Files

Blocking of Sound Recording Functions

Blocking of Uninstallatino of Specific APPs


Manage Integrated Server